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The trick to charging a cell phone battery when there is no light in the house

The trick to charging a cell phone battery when there is no light in the house

The man sees that his phone has no battery, while there is no electricity in his house. | Photo: Getty Images/iStockPhoto

Currently, smartphones represent more than just a device for making or receiving calls, today they allow you to browse the Internet, chat, create or share content on social networks, purchase items, and even pay bills or utilities. However, battery charging remains a worrying issue.

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Although modern mobile phones have high-capacity batteries, intelligent charging systems and fast charging, their users still have great concern about battery life. For this reason, people often have a certain obsession with the percentage of power remaining in their phones, especially when they are in areas where they cannot charge the device.

This situation becomes more complicated when a malfunction occurs in the power service and the user is left inside a place where there is no light. However, there are some procedures that can be applied to recharge the device's battery, even though there is no electricity at home or wherever the person is.

How to charge a smartphone battery when there is a power outage?

Charge your smartphone in the car

During a power outage at home, the user can turn to his car battery as a resource to transfer power to his smartphone. It is only necessary to use a USB cable to connect the smartphone to an outlet in the car.

But it is important to keep in mind that when using this method, the phone may need a few hours to be 100% charged, because the car battery handles the same current as the power outlets at home.

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