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The sister-in-law of President Castillo surrenders to the authorities in Peru

The sister-in-law of President Castillo surrenders to the authorities in Peru

(CNN Spanish) – Yénifer Paredes Navarro, the sister-in-law of the Peruvian president, surrendered to authorities on Wednesday, a source familiar with the case confirmed to CNN.

Paredes was wanted by the Peruvian authorities as part of an investigation into an “alleged crime against the public administration in the form of influence harmful to the state”.

Paredes’ lawyer told the newspaper on Wednesday Republic She said she did not know her whereabouts and was unaware of the initial arrest procedures, and attributed the actions of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to a “political case”.

Investigators arrived, Tuesday, at the National Palace in search of Paredes after the Eighth Investigation Court of the Supreme National Court of Specialized Criminal Justice ordered the “immediate location and arrest” of Paredes and three businessmen, according to the document transmitted by CNN. He had access.

A team from the Public Prosecution Office and a special police team were present at the Government Palace at the end of Tuesday afternoon, but until nighttime their location had not been determined, according to sources close to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

In statements to the newspaper RepublicParedes’ attorney, Jose Kesni, said he did not know where he was. “She lives in Cajamarca, she told the prosecutor’s office,” he said. Quesnai added that “the prosecution requested a preliminary arrest, but the procedures took place without his knowledge.” He also considered the Public Prosecution’s actions to be a political issue. “Justice should not be administered at any cost,” he said. “She (Yenever Paredes) was not aware of this procedure.”

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This Tuesday night, Castillo sent a message to the nation in which he asserted that “the Government Palace and the Presidential Residence, have again been violated by an illegal search approved by a judge, by chance when he requested a 5-year step-down to wrest his legitimate government from the people of Peru.”

He introduced Castillo Paredes as his daughter during the presidential campaign, which he and his wife raised from a young age. The court order states that once Paredes is located, she remains in detention for 10 days.

Paredes is subject to preliminary investigation into an alleged crime against the public administration in the form of abuse of power at the expense of the state. Weeks ago, the president’s sister appeared before Congress in response to a summons and denied the charges against her.

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CNN has contacted the Peruvian presidency for comment.

The First Lady, Lilia Paredes, gave her testimony to the Public Prosecutor’s Office on 8 July as part of the investigations into the allegations of influence peddling against her sister.

This special team was created against the corruption of power in the Public Prosecutor’s Office to investigate officials in the Castillo government and their closest circle.

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