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The police returned the items stolen from the University of Cienfuegos

The police returned the items stolen from the University of Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos police authorities returned several stolen items to the university of that central-southern province of Cuba. Deliveries took place in the famous Callejon del Cura Avenue, Pastorita and in the premises of Buena Vista.
Computers and tires were among the state property stolen from the Southern Pearl Graduate School. Robberies were carried out by force continuously.

This is what Lieutenant Colonel Didit Gomez Perez, a member of the Provincial Criminal Investigation Unit, told the local newspaper Sept. 5.

The Ministry of Interior (Minent) official confirmed that the defendants did indeed confess their participation in the events. “But now the goal is to expand the criminal chain because so far this year many crimes have been committed against this educational center.”

He did not wait for the gratitude of the directors of the University of Cienfuegos. For example, the rector noted that “these are valuable assets because of their economic cost, but above all because of their usefulness to the various processes we develop.”

Forced thefts are frequent in the area

Indeed, burglaries have been frequent in that area in recent weeks. In Buena Vista, two of their neighbors suffered and fortunately got their belongings back. MININT also returned the stolen items to those affected.

Things like washing machine, fan and TV were delivered with set top box and bag. Those affected in this case immediately went to file a complaint with the police. Some have yet to recover everything they’ve lost, but investigations are far from over on their private cases.

In this regard, Lieutenant Colonel Gómez Pérez reported that the events that took place in Buena Vista corresponded to three accused positions by mutual agreement to commit crimes. In fact, they are residents of the place and have studied their “coup” to steal the chosen victims.

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