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The message that could block WhatsApp and drive it crazy

The message that could block WhatsApp and drive it crazy

In recent days a link has been circulated that renders the site practically unusable. The WhatsApp On the Android version of the client, this is the link wa.me/channel. If it is received or read, nothing happens, the problem appears when clicking on the link. Automatically, WhatsApp goes crazy and crashes.

Wa.Me is a regular term for sharing links on this platform, and the specific problem with this link is that it doesn’t go anywhere.

When you click on it, what the app is trying to do is open a channel, so it has two problems. One, that this functionality is not yet available to the general public; The second, that the link does not indicate the name of the supposed channel it is trying to access.

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Thus enters WhatsApp kind of episode Attempting to carry out an order that has no destination and ends up failing.

If your mobile phone has been updated to a recent version of Android -12 or 13-, the app will most likely close automatically when the operating system runs out of response time. In older versions of Google software, you may see a banner warning that the application is not responding and giving you the option to force close it.

At the moment it is nothing more than a bug, which will probably be corrected in the next few days by Meta and which has no serious implications for the cell phone or WhatsApp account of those affected.

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