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The mayors of Comayago agree that Palmerola will allow economic boom

The mayors of Comayago agree that Palmerola will allow economic boom

Comayagua, Honduras.

The mayors of the Comayagua department agreed Palmerola Will allow Economic departure Honduras is the logistics hub of the United States with job creation, tourism and investment.

The President Juan Orlando Hernandez The facilities at Palmerola International Airport, which will begin business operations in mid-November for international airlines, were handed over on Friday night.

This airport It features advanced technology, electronic locks, biometric stations, barcode reading and electronic documentation.

Similarly, it has modern machines with other options for passengers to digitally exercise their immigration self-control, capture photos and compare fingerprints.

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Liberal mayor of Coma, Carlos Miranda“We have a wonderful airport to Honduras,” he said. He said the new airport would allow more air connectivity with Central America and other countries in the world.

“It’s the growth of the Comayago Valley, more jobs, more tourism and more investment,” he said.

Miranda said Palmerola would be the center of trade and Honduras would be the logistics center of the United States.

Sequathepic Mayor, Image by Juan Carlos Morales Placeholder“Palmarola is the pride of Hondurans, we have the first world airport,” he pointed out.

“The entire Comayagua Valley will be the beneficiary, as well as the central part and other parts of Honduras,” he said. Morales noted that Palmarola will allow more investment, jobs and better connectivity.

Through Palmarola, it aims to increase fares, air connectivity, higher air frequencies, higher security and increased tourist arrivals.