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Diputado contagiado provoca salida de sus colegas de la sesión

The injured attorney causes his colleagues to leave the session

The deputy of Monte Plata Province, Roman de Jesus Vargas, reported yesterday, in the middle of a session of the House of Representatives, that he had contracted Covid-19, which caused strange appearances and the departure of many lawmakers who were in the neighboring bloody circle one of those affected.

After agreeing to the state of emergency, the attorney requested a role to speak, where he informed the bloody astronomer that he had contracted the virus.

“I want to announce to you, and tell you that we must take care of ourselves. The issue is more sensitive than we can imagine. At this time we are positive with the Coronavirus, we have the information here. Colleagues, let us take care of ourselves. The legislator who is part of the modern revolutionary party bloc said,” We are withdrawing But this is dangerous. “

Immediately after his announcement, the rest of his colleagues began to look at each other, and some left the room and a scandalous moment occurred in the hall of the National Assembly, where the House of Representatives was in session, as a measure to avoid infection.

With this new positive, the House of Representatives currently has at least 13 lawmakers with COVID-19, as Speaker of the House, Alfredo Pacheco, announced moments later that one lawmaker had recovered.

In the Senate
Senator Eduardo Estrela has reported that 16 people serving in the Senate have been infected with Covid-19.

The legislator did not specify how many of this group of senators were, but stated that more than 80% of the staff had already been vaccinated.

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He noted that home workers receive assistance from doctors working in the Senate.

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Injured people in Congress
They scored 73.

In the National Congress, there is a high rate of infections with the Coronavirus that causes Covid-19, as at least 73 people from the House of Representatives have tested positive, including 13 lawmakers.