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The hackers demanded money to release the data they "hijacked" from the AutoExpreso system

The hackers demanded money to release the data they “hijacked” from the AutoExpreso system

boss Highway AuthorityEdwin Gonzalez confirmed this morning that the hackers who affected the service Express They asked for money for release The data they “hijacked”.

“It’s X amount of money they’re asking for. I can’t go into details because I don’t want to influence the ongoing investigation‘,” Gonzalez said in a radio interview with (WKAQ – 580 AM).

“But in the data hijacking note, what they’re doing is they’re asking for X amount,” he added.

When asked if they’re asking for millions of dollars, Gonzalez replied “I don’t want to get in so it doesn’t affect the process.”

When the same question was repeated, he answered: “Yes x a sum of money of one dollar.”

During a news conference last Monday when the government released information about the hack, Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service (PRITS) interim executive director Nanette Martinez noted that “no payments have been requested.”

He noted that the hackers left only a note indicating that they should be contacted to release the data, in what is known as “ransomware” that usually asks for money in return.

Meanwhile, Gonzalez noted that at the moment, the system cannot be restored to resume service, so no fines have been recorded.

He also reiterated that they found no evidence that the data of people registered in the AutoExpreso system had been compromised.

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