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The first news about the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra |  hardware

The first news about the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra | hardware

We’re more than half a year away from seeing Samsung’s next high-end traditional phones, but that doesn’t mean that Rumor season has begun. We say “traditional” because in less than two months the Korean company plans to unveil its new generation of Fold to the world, at the end of July.

But that does not mean that they are already working on the Galaxy S24 line to be launched Between January and February 2024, and the first rumors refer to the photography department. Cameras are a vital component of modern phones and hence we expect them to get better model by model.

Unfortunately, camera settings One of the points of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, according to this news, to be More or less like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra which was released earlier this year.

And this is according to a leak from Revegnus (Tech_Reve on Twitter), inside Which has gained popularity recently, the Galaxy S24 Ultra You won’t have a variable zoom telephoto cameraas was long assumed.

It seems that the most expensive and premium model in the Galaxy S series has The 4 camera setup is identical to what can be enjoyed todaywhich includes a 200-megapixel main ISOCELL sensor, a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera, and two telephoto cameras (one with 10x zoom, the other with 3x zoom).

As the leak indicates, the only camera upgrade that can be expected is a 10x sensor, which will see “minor improvements”. Unfortunately, he didn’t share what these improvements might be.

Revegnus posted on Twitter in April that Samsung planned to put a telephoto camera with variable zoom on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, thus replacing the cameras on the Galaxy S23 Ultra (10x and 3x) with a sensor that can switch between both zooms.

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This would have eliminated the need to have two sensors for pretty much the same thing.. However, he shared in his new post that plans for a new telephoto camera have been cancelled.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything at the moment, but if the rumor is true, It will be a little disappointing The Galaxy S24 Ultra arrived with practically the same camera configuration as its predecessor.

In any case, Samsung can’t help but say that the technological leap in its imaging department has already been made With this year’s models, where he made sure to clarify everything related to the marketing dedicated to the 200MP sensor.