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The Cuban baseball team has arrived in Miami - Telemundo Miami (51).

The Cuban baseball team has arrived in Miami – Telemundo Miami (51).

On a special flight, authorized by the Cuban regime and managed by Swift Air, they transported more than 25 players from Havana to Miami.

A few hours after the Cuban baseball team arrived in Miami, it was confirmed that one of the players had already left the team, Cesar Prieto, 22.

When the bus reached West Palm Beach, the young player, who was according to sources unhappy with the Cuban Baseball Association, got off the bus and left. He got out and got into a car. “

Many believe that a brilliant future awaits him, because according to experts of the sport, César Prieto is the most desired prospect by MLB organizations.

After more than 3 years without providing consular services, the US Embassy in Havana granted visas to players to participate in the Olympic Games pre-games from May 31 to June 5 at West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucy stadiums.

This sparked harsh reactions from Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar and opponents in exile.

Salazar says it is unfair for 24 players to receive visas at the Havana embassy, ​​while residents of his region are waiting for a visa for their relatives on the island who urgently need to travel to the United States, and although he asked the embassy to attend them, they did not receive a response.

Cuba, in Group Two, will face Venezuela, Canada and Colombia, the great powers of baseball.

Meanwhile, in the first group, the United States, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Nicaragua will meet.