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Alexander Collins | It is the European clubs that stand behind the defender | videos | Peru Team | sports

Although yesterday Alexander Collins He went to watch the National Volleyball League in Villa El Salvador, his present is still associated with football and he can make a big leap into the Spanish championship.

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According to transport journalist Gianluca Di Marzio, Clains on the radar Girona And since he had his own pass, it would be easier to negotiate.

It must be remembered that the 30-year-old defender actually played in Spain between 2011 and 2017 for Real Sociedad B and Numancia. Another interested by Callens would be Feyenoord from Netherlands.

University behind Collins

The other great employee. In recent days, how the football team trembles at the announcement of the arrival Carlos Zambrano a . Meringue fans felt, deep in their hearts, that boosting this level would benefit the Merengue team, which is what made this season beat Finally, the attainment of that which he longs for and is almost obsessed with.”star 27′, which was out of reach ten years ago.

When it appeared after enlistment Alex Valera, the mergers have come to an end, something special has arisen and it happened in a different context. In the last hours a possibility has arisen that can balance what his classic rival has done so far.

It all started from within Fedenathe teacher Juan ReynosoAnd the coach of the Peruvian national team expressed his concern when he learned that the days were passing and he turned the center back Alexander Collins Still can’t find a team. He considers him a VIP in his project with la laRed and whiteHe knows that time is running out and in two months they will have already started qualifying and we have to make up for lost time.

A player without competition is useless, even if his conditions are good. That is why he asked them to locate the center. The conversation was clear: he needs him to play, be active and although he knows there are many prospects or clubs interested, the main thing is that he determines his future and only thinks about hitting the ball.

At this juncture, the leaders of the creamy team raised their hands and approached the center of Shalako. They expressed their desire to have him in the first six months of the year, he defends the colors of the establishment in the “Copa Sudamericana” and can find his best level and display the Merengue shirt.

The football player did not respond, he just listened and continued analyzing the possibilities, but he has the voice of the teacher who wants him to be involved in the football cause, he himself already wants to work and prepare for his debut and tell those around him to him to sign the meringue it is a good choice for him to keep going strong at his game.

The following days are crucial, the answer is eagerly awaiting him, while the “U” fans are waiting for the result full of illusion. They know a little candle on ‘Lulu’ Fernandez wouldn’t be too much to achieve the illusion of seeing the defender dressed in cream from head to toe.

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