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El país está vigilante ante la identificación de la subvariante BA.2 de ómicron en Puerto Rico

The country is on high alert before identifying Omigran’s BA.2 subtype in Puerto Rico

The identification of the first case of the Omigron PA2 subtype of Govit-19 in Puerto Rico keeps Dominican health officials alert and alert as they wait for the latest virus samples sorted results. Defill├│ National Laboratory to determine whether or not it spreads across the country.

National Director of Epidemiology Dr. Ronald Skiwes told Listin Diorio that the Dominican Republic is capable of identifying this subspecies or a new variant of the Covit-19 whose results are the latest sequence they have developed, and will receive them next Tuesday night.

He pointed out that the presence of this subtype of the Omigran variant in Puerto Rico should not cause concern among the public and should continue to maintain the preventive measures recommended from the outset. Avoid hand washing, applying masks and crowding.

Skaves was consulted on information provided by the Puerto Rico Department of Health, a woman who lives in the municipality of Piedmont, near the San Juan metropolitan area, without a travel history and is the first BA in the country. A variant of Omigran, which has dozens of mutations.


“We are sorting out the Govit-19 virus and we are in a position to identify any of these types. If anything happens, they send me the results from the National Laboratory on Tuesday night so we know where we are going,” said the country’s director of epidemiology.

He said the same preventive measures should be followed when other types like Delta, Omigran, Alpha and Gamma appeared which did not cause any catastrophic effect in the country. Vaccine protection because people have multiple antibodies.

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He said the country is in a position to identify any new variation that may arise in the national region and will contribute to the international scientific community by providing all these sequences.

According to a report released by Puerto Rican authorities, BA.2 is the third omega subunit found in Puerto Rico after being identified on the islands of BA.1 and BA.1.1.

Fifth wave

During the fifth wave of the Govit-19 virus outbreak, mainly caused by the Omigron variant, a high percentage of Dominicans were affected in the last weeks of December 2021 and the first weeks of January 2022.

This peak produced the highest number of epidemics in the country, with the prevalence rate approaching 12, meaning that one person had the potential to infect another 12, the highest recorded in two years of an epidemic.