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El inodoro de 2.700 años encontrado en Jerusalén fue un lujo poco común

The 2,700-year-old toilet in Jerusalem was a rare luxury

Israeli archaeologists have found an unusual ancient toilet in Jerusalem dating back more than 2,700 years, when private toilets were a luxury in the holy city, authorities announced Tuesday.

The Israel Antiquities Authority said the toilet, made of carved limestone, was found in a rectangular hut It was part of a palace Expansion overlooking what is now the Old City. It is designed to sit comfortably, with a deep septic tank dug under it.

“Private latrines were very rare in antiquity, and until now only a few of them have been found,” said Jacob Peleg, director of the excavations.

only the rich They could buy toilets,” he said, adding that a famous rabbi once suggested that getting rich means “having a bathroom next to your table.”

The Antiquities Authority said animal bones and pottery found in the septic tank could shed light on the lifestyle and diet of people living at the time, as well as ancient diseases.

Archaeologists have found stone crowns and pillars from that time, and they said that There was evidence of a garden Nearby are orchards and aquatic plants, further evidence that those who lived there were very wealthy.

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