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Tesla Cybertruck faces ridicule on social media after getting stuck in snow

Tesla Cybertruck faces ridicule on social media after getting stuck in snow

“I'll call Elon, he'll get you out of this,” the people who found the scene said. (Instagram: ramseyackad / @6sixmiked)

Anticipation of arrival Tesla Cybertruck It has been big since it was advertised as a rugged electric truck ready to tackle any type of terrain.

But recently, reality seems to have contradicted the promises made by the brand, as many videos have been circulating on social media in which it appears. Cybertruck He faces complications while traveling on snow-covered roads, which sparked a wave of reactions and ridicule among Internet users.

CEO of the company, Elon Muskshe even mentioned that it would be an excellent vehicle for extreme situations like the end of the world.

However, critics are taking reference positions as Cybertrucks have been seen having problems in the snow to question whether the electric truck lives up to the promised expectations. “Will contact Which color“He'll get you out of there!” she heard in the video that went viral on social media.

Some people point out that truck drivers are used to warmer weather as they don't encounter snow-covered roads. (photosynthesis: infobae)

Users and experts point out that this situation may occur for several reasons. They point out on the Electrek portal that this may be due to the demographic group that bought the first units of the car.

“First-time truck buyers, most of whom are truck enthusiasts, are more likely to do so Tesla, get those first units and don't use them in pickup trucks. “They may think they can handle everything right away, when in fact there are some skills involved,” they explained.

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Likewise, in the comments on a video shared as a video InstagramThere are users who think it is the tires because they are urban performance.

“The solution is very easy…change the tires!! “From what I saw, these came with an urban performance tire, if this is true, no vehicle would go anywhere with these tires,” Aaron Grell shared on the social network.

The company indicated at its launch that the new car is made “for any planet.” (Tesla)

That shouldn't be a problem for the Cybertruck It moves easily through snow due to its high ground clearance and dual drive motor.

This is of course, as long as it has good traction, which is achieved with the right tires or snow chains.

Currently, Tesla primarily delivers the vehicle California And Texas. For this reason, many drivers in California, who are not accustomed to snowfall in general, may try to drive their Cybertrucks in snowy mountains thinking that they will not encounter difficulties, however, in some cases additional items such as chains or even tracks may be necessary. .

Therefore, this type of video should not be considered a definitive measure of a vehicle's capability.

ND – Woodworking Art aspires to give away its hand-made version of the Cybertruck, which accurately imitates even the interior details of the original. (Infobae Photosynthesis)

businessman, elon musk, You can receive an atypical and unique gift: a CyberTruck truck made entirely of wood. The project, which took shape in just 100 days, was implemented by a well-known craftsman in Youtube how ND – Carpentry art.

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Moreover, this special car is not just an aesthetic version, but also a practical one.

The craftsman made an effort to imitate all the details of the famous electric car. From its angular shape to the interior finishes, such as the steering wheel and screen similar to those in a real car, his work has been admired by netizens.

To make it more realistic, he placed a metal base, made the suspension actually work, and placed the batteries inside the car's frame. He even made frames out of wood, showing his commitment to making things in detail.

The craftsman built the car from scratch. (ND – Carpentry Art)

Although it does not have the protections that road cars usually have, TeslaMade of wood, this model really works and seats four people.

Creator, referring to the last purchase of Elon Musk, place the “X” that lights up on the driver's door. In addition, he said in his video that he would like to give this very special project to the businessman.