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Summary of the Zulus match against Pumas (2-3).  Objectives

Summary of the Zulus match against Pumas (2-3). Objectives

the UNAM Cougars and the Xolos from Tijuana They put on a real match on the field hot playgroundcorresponding to the 1st of Opening 2023as the auriazules managed to seal victory after a painful goal, courtesy of Eduardo “Toto” Salvio.

Parity between the herd and cats

Emotions did not wait because in the 20th minute, Nicholas Diaz And Kevin Ballanta They were heroes of a dangerous Head clash When trying to block a kick from Pedregal’s chest.

in the 31st minute Diaz He had to leave the field of play and was moved to shock protocol, making way for his debut section One to Jesus Vega.

The first goal of the match came in the 25th minute thanks to a counter-attack led by Toto Salviowho finished squarely in the crosshairs Jesus crown. The Mexican saved the shot, but left a rebound, which he used Ulysses Rivas.

Fernando Madrigal The Xolos responded at 45’+4 after a series of rebounds and a shot that had to be reviewed by the whistle Daniel Quintero Hotron and VAR. However, the annotation was well considered.

Cougars response

With only three minutes remaining in the second half, the Tijuana Club He turned the score around after taking advantage of the capital’s mistake, wanting to get out with a controlled ball. Alexis Canelo He sent a poison center to the area, which had been exploited before Carlos Gonzalz. coccoliso He took the opportunity to comply with the previous law against auriazules.

However, in the 89th minute, Toto Salvio Once again excited for all oriazole fans after taking advantage of the help from Jorge Rovalcaba and hit an arc Jesus crown. This is how they lead Anthony Mohammed They picked up their first win of the season, aiming to return to the limelight in Liga MX.

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