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Stories of abuse include a woman killing Chinese

Stories of abuse include a woman killing Chinese

Testimonies of mistreatment of employees surround the accounts that emerged as a result of the killing of the citizen Chinese Jhei Leet, 34, who died of a stab wound he would have given employee while they are at work.

Yesterday, Juan Francisco Forcal, father employee Frances Forcal, 30, who was seen in a video, after being assaulted by the deceased today, and stabbed in the stomach, regrets that her daughter may be the fatal victim of this event.

The ‘pata’ he gave her, kicks deadly, and she’s in the heels. If that kick had been given to her in the side, she would have died.”

The man, who is surprised by what happened, apologizes to Ji Lit’s family, while asking his daughter to turn herself in, assuring her that he will support her in whatever is needed.

At the moment, the family is responsible for three children aged 12, 9 and 3 years of age Francisley and their maintenance depends on the salary of the young woman, who has been working for nearly three years where she has lived a tragedy occurred.

In addition to the initial aggression shown in the video, a former employee at the same location told Diario Libre that she left the place where she worked for five months, due to the physical and verbal abuse she received. Refers to situations that involve more than one type of harassment.

She emphasized that it was customary for her classmates to throw things at them as punishment if they made mistakes in their work.

“They loved to kick you. When someone did something wrong, it was bad, he had a bad habit of throwing the banknote in his face. They had a bad habit of throwing the tape recorder at him… When someone turned their back, they sent the tape recorder behind him,” says the young woman who lives in the same area as the Francis family, in Cristo Rey.

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From his job, for which he was paid 4,500 pesos every two weeks, he left because he was denied a permit due to an emergency that arose.

Violations were also reported by current employees of the company.

He works as a journalist for Diario Libre.