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Stephen Hart, the Canadian coach for whom Honduras scored eight goals, warns: 'We have one of our best generations' - Ten

Stephen Hart, the Canadian coach for whom Honduras scored eight goals, warns: ‘We have one of our best generations’ – Ten

On the eve of the start of the World Cup qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022, an old acquaintance from Honduras was present to analyze the match before Canada, a group with unpleasant memories of their recent visits to Bicolor.

On Thursday, September 2, the national team will face the North American team in BMO field Toronto, the third match after the historic 2012 match where he was NS Headed his way to the hexagonal direction to World Cup in Brazil After his victory over the team led at that time 8-1 Stephen Hart.

This character remembered the hot afternoon of October 16 in which they suffered a humiliating defeat, however, he made it clear that Canadian football has progressed significantly, as this country has great players in the European elite, like the players. Alphonso DaviesAnd Jonathan DavidAnd Kyle Larin, among other things.

“I think we have one of our best generations, especially in terms of attacking, they have a very good squad. Our players can come off the bench and put in a good performance, they showed that in the match. gold cup When we missed 5 or 6 key players, we didn’t have that depth in the substitutes.” hart.

In the team leads Fabian Quito He commented, “They are in the rebuilding stage, they are a young team, but sometimes you need experience to manage the match. I am not sure about the Honduran striker, the coach is trying to find the best team, but they will have to. Get their results at home because it will be very difficult on my way “.

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a Steven He was asked if he thought that this team would suffer as in the past when it was their turn to visit Honduran territory, because this team had never played in environments like El Caracho, although according to DT This will not have much effect.

“I don’t think this generation has gone there (hot environments), Covid has made the ratings in Florida, but when they travel to San Pedro Sula it will be a good experience, but I think they have enough quality to back it up.”

With triplets of Carlo Costley and Jerry Bengston, as well as a double of Mario Martinez, Honduras beat Canada 8-1 in 2012.
“In the time we played the last game (8-1 against Honduras) we had a lot of injuries, we didn’t have the depth needed. I played twice against Honduras, I did it with Trinidad and Tobago in the gold cup Honduras He always has good football and it’s always a difficult place to play.”