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Staying in a hotel room, he discovers a worrying fault with the door

Staying in a hotel room, he discovers a worrying fault with the door


Staying at a tourist establishment, he decided to experiment. He immediately noticed that something was different, something he couldn’t help but notice. And decided to record it on his camera.

By: Clarion

A woman said she was staying at a hotel in the US and found the peephole in her room turned upside down. This means that the interior of the room can be observed from the outside.

Erin Abney took to her TikTok account to explain what happened to her in a video. “What it’s like to travel as a woman,” the young woman wrote alongside filming the moment.

Woman’s advice

The American, according to his words, stayed at a hotel in Las Vegas. He recorded the video and posted it on social media.

“Always check peepholes. Mine is installed upside down so no one can see into my room from the outside. Sometimes this situation can happen with peepholes,” said @erinvabney.


What it’s like to travel like a woman. Always check your peepholes. My hotel room was installed in the back where anyone could see. It is very common for peepholes to be damaged. #Hotel #Vegas #LasVegas #Travel #traveltiktok #TravelSafety #travel safe #fyp #Travel

? Original sound – Erinvabney

You can read the full note here Clarion

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