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Spreading the flag of UTT among children and youth in Tequixquitla - El Sol de Tlaxcala

Spreading the flag of UTT among children and youth in Tequixquitla – El Sol de Tlaxcala

across the “Trailer for science and technology in your community”, The Tlaxcala Technological University (UTT) is spread between Children and youth are from the most remote places from the entity of science and technology.

the above, In order to encourage interest in the study of sciences in this sector of the population, Thus, on this occasion, minors from the municipality of El Carmen Tequixquitla were able to get acquainted with this broadcast space.

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there, Students of the State College of Science and Technology Studies and Justo Sierra High Schools, Alberto Correa Pre-school and primary school children interacted with the tools that the travel trailer has to show to those who use it.

So, Students learned about the three domains that make up and interacted with digital animation and augmented reality experiences3D solar system, robots, drone and electron microscope.

and that is Derived from the relationship and cooperation that the educational institution establishes with the presidencies of municipalities And educational institutions of all levels in the region, it was possible to attend with these students.

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With With this kind of activity, higher education institutions reaffirm their commitment to being spaces that guide the populationin addition to instructing her, on such important issues which are part of the new education.

  • Since he is a wanderer, the science promotion will go to other municipalities to display all the tools he owns that are of benefit to the students.
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