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Services provided at “Caravana La Nueva Infancia” – Ministry of Public Health

Services provided at “Caravana La Nueva Infancia” – Ministry of Public Health

About 300 citizens attended the so-called La Nueva Infancia caravan that had a space in the covered field of the parish of Chontapunta, in the canton of Tena, in the province of Napo. Vaccination platforms, general medical care, obstetrics, dentistry and healthy eating were the services provided by the Ministry of Public Health, through the coordination of Region 2, to citizens living in 77 communities in Chuntabunta Diocese.

Karina Andi, mother of a 4-month-old girl, came from the Guacamayo community to get her baby health checked and vaccinated. The user added: “I want my daughter to grow up healthy and strong, and that's why I came with my neighbors who have children so they can be treated by Ministry of Health doctors.”

Like Andy, Eva Tangela, 24 and 27 weeks pregnant with her first daughter, went to the caravan for a antenatal check-up. She added: “Since I discovered that I was pregnant, I cared about my health and the health of my son, and that is why I undergo regular examinations with the obstetrician at the health center.”

Obstetrician Vanessa Mata, from the Ñucanchiñllacta Health Center, provided care on this health day to 15 patients: 3 for family planning, 1 for pregnancy and 11 pregnant women for regular check-ups.

Dozens of families arrived with their children from 0 months to 5 years old so that the minors could update their regular vaccination schedule. During the convoy, they received doses to prevent polio, measles, rubella and other diseases.

“Keeping our children and pregnant women healthy ensures that we have a good future for Ecuador,” says Alison Cumbi, a rural doctor who treated 10 children under five in the La Nueva Infancia caravan. The Ministry of Public Health is implementing joint actions with other institutions of the decentralized executive and the decentralized autonomous governments of Tena and Chuntapunta within the framework of the strategy for Ecuador to grow without chronic malnutrition in children.

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