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Sergio Mayer Morey Screams Against RBD

Sergio Mayer Morey Screams Against RBD

Exclusively a few weeks ago, we told you so Sergio Mayer Morey I was leaving the new one Rebel remake, Which is produced by the Netflix streaming platform that you also participate in Andrea, The daughter of the Omar Shabarro.

He is that son Barbara Moore He became famous for Conceited and conceitedSituations that seriously upset his fellow cast members, with whom he had some maneuvering for not appreciating his work.

Now the young actor and model is the protagonist in a new controversy which is that in his live broadcast with his followers, he shouted against RBD. Via the official Instagram account, the eldest son of Sergio Mayer Britton talked about his projects and even some personal things, but when a user asked him to sing a song for the famous band, he confirmed that he hates them: “Yes I do the project, yes I do RBD … Yes I have to sing them (songs) under contract, but I hate RBD”, He said.

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“I don’t like songs, I’ve never seen this thing … This is the reality”, finish. Minutes later, and before comments began to appear about Sergio’s words, it was his girlfriend who defended him.

“I liked it and I went to their concert in Cancun and I was happier. But Sergio never liked it and never saw it and I think it should be respected.”The model said. Additionally, he ended up asserting that if Mayer Morey agreed to produce this new series, it was because it signified a great opportunity in his career.

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It should be noted that after these statements and up to now; The actor did not comment on the matter.

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