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Science, technology and environment forecasts

Science, technology and environment forecasts

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Havana-. The start of the implementation process of the new Law No. 150 on the Natural Resources and Environment System and its legal regulations constitutes one of the primary objectives of the Cuban Science Organization (Citma) in 2024.

Crucial in this sense are the development of training procedures for all relevant actors at the national, sectoral and local levels and the implementation of a mechanism for monitoring and controlling the natural resource system, in accordance with the expectations of the Ministry of Environmental Science and Technology (SETMA).

Other purposes of its views are to influence increased investments aimed at protecting the environment and to advance the development of the National Biodiversity Program and the Environmental Services Baseline for key ecosystems.

In addition, stimulating the implementation of the second phase of the state plan to confront climate change, known as Tarea Vida, approved by the Council of Ministers in 2027, and strengthening the associated surveillance and monitoring systems.

Regarding environmental problems, priority will be given to coral reef conservation and beach recovery measures, the preparation of the National Adaptation Plan and the first biennial transparency report, and the strengthening of the local dimension in implementing the Life Mission.

Likewise, the second phase of Cuba's circular economy transition strategy must be initiated, implementing the actions of the “Alliance Together for Less Plastic Waste” and the “Agricultural and Diabetic Climate Alliance”, and presenting projects that contribute to the solution. Environmental pollution resulting from solid waste.

It also assumes a commitment to contribute, starting from the social sciences, to environmental education and organizational activity, to reducing crimes and violations related to natural resources and to promoting the implementation of the environmental education, awareness and culture project for environmental sustainability. Development in Cuba.

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It plans to enhance the stable performance of the country's regional and municipal historical memory committees, develop indicators that allow measuring the performance of historical memory committees and begin implementing them.

And work with the relevant governments to establish the archives of the provinces of Havana, Artemisa and Mayapique and influence the achievement of a specific line item in the plan and budget for document management.

Citma continues to contribute to the implementation and strengthening of the government management system, based on science and innovation and to further improve the science, technology and innovation system, which aims to solve problems, by setting priorities within it; Greater inclusivity of projects and linkage between actors who must pay them.