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Rumors about the show’s book being canceled in 2024 are denied by the Cuban government

Rumors about the show’s book being canceled in 2024 are denied by the Cuban government

The Ministry of Internal Trade of the Republic of Cuba categorically denied the rumors circulating on various digital platforms about the possibility of canceling the supply book. So It has been published Havana Citizen Portal.

The Internal Trade Authority, through its official pages on social media, described the information being circulated among residents as completely false. According to this misinformation, which was supposedly supported by a 15-year study, it was announced that on a trial basis, the current food supply book would begin to be gradually abolished, and replaced with one aimed exclusively at pensioners and social assistance beneficiaries.

The fake news also reported that the population, except for those considered at risk, would have to purchase a basket of essential products from small and medium-sized enterprises (Mypimes) at prices determined by supply and demand.

It is assumed that it will start in eastern Cuba

In addition, it was stated that this supposed experiment would begin in the eastern provinces of the country.

The Havana Citizen Portal calls on residents not to be carried away by false information and suggests consulting MincinCuba’s institutional social media platforms, where you can access official information on this topic of great interest to residents.

However, remember that on December 5, 2023, the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cuba published a report on the entry into force of Resolution 101/2023 of Mincin, which amends the conditions for people traveling outside the country. However, the cancellation of the supply book was not mentioned anywhere in the resolution.

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Due to the spread of rumours, various Cuban media outlets expressed their rejection of this clause. Cubadebate, in particular, denied the fake news that spread on social networks through a fake Cubadebate profile and another supposedly belonging to its director, Randy Alonso.

The digital platform urged its readers to always check official social media profiles before publishing any information.