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Relatives reported the disappearance of Victor Hugo Gomez, linked to the attack on David Ortiz in 2019

Relatives reported the disappearance of Victor Hugo Gomez, linked to the attack on David Ortiz in 2019

relatives Victor Hugo Gomez VasquezThey reported their relative missing. The man has been identified as the intellectual author of the attack on the former Major League Baseball player David Ortiz On June 9, 2019 at the Fun Center Ask for a bar and lounge.

Victor Hugo Gomez Vasquez He has been missing for about a month. The information was provided to LISTÍN DIARIO reporters by a source linked to the investigation.

In 2022, the First Collegiate Court of Santo Domingo Province removed Gómez Vásquez from office. The case of David Ortiz Due to lack of evidence.

In June 2019, the former baseball player, known as “Big daddy“, was shot while he was enjoying his time at an entertainment center on Venezuela Street in Santo Domingo Este. The caller was also injured due to the incident. Joel LoebZ.

Three days later, the lawyer of the moment, Jean Alan Rodriguez; The Director of the National Police at the time, Ni Aldrin Bautista, and the current Prosecutor of Santo Domingo Este, Melsiades Guzmán, held a press conference in which they presented details of how the attack against David Ortiz was planned and carried out.

They referred to Gomez Vasquez as Intellectual author of the attack. Jean Alan Rodriguez explained that the act was directed at Sixto David Fernandez “El Modelo”, who was also sharing the aforementioned bar with the baseball player.

Days later, on June 28, Gomez Vasquez was arrested. After his arrest, a video clip circulated in which he denied the accusations against him.

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“They are accusing me of planning an attack against me Sixto David Fernandez, which I have no interest in at any time or for any reason whatsoever or would do something like that. He said, “I am not his enemy, and he himself admitted that he does not have any kind of enemy.” Gomez Vasquez In audio-visual.

According to Attorney General Melsiades Guzmán, during the press conference to announce the details of the event, Connection of Victor Hugo and Sixto David In the attack on Big Papi, it was born out of a relationship “of a business nature”, which broke down “at some point, which is why they ended up having disagreements”. Gómez Vázquez was detained in La Victoria prison along with Alberto Miguel Rodríguez Mota.