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Real Madrid are the main beneficiaries of the direct matches against the LaLiga competitors

Real Madrid are the main beneficiaries of the direct matches against the LaLiga competitors

In the event of a point tie at the end of the League, Real Madrid have 13 points in a direct duel against Atletico Madrid (7) and Barcelona (4).

The fall of Atlético de Madrid to Athletic de Madrid ended the struggle in the League. Real Madrid (71), Barcelona (71), Seville (70), in addition to colchoneros (73) separated by three units, so that at the end of the season, direct duels between the four could be a factor in the title, a standard that favors the meringue.

Atletico Madrid still top the La Liga with 73 units, but could drop to second place if Barcelona, ​​who have 71, wins their suspended match against Granada. The next Wednesday. Real Madrid are in second place with 71 points, one point ahead of Seville and fourth in the general table.

The four competitors for the championship competed, among themselves, for 15 points, so that each of them will have a confrontation between the two competitors, and both of them will be in the 35th round: Barcelona – Atletico Madrid, and Real Madrid – Seville.

In direct confrontations between the first four, Real Madrid is the one with the most points, with a total of 13 points. He defeated Barcelona in both matches. He won and drew with Atlético de Madrid, while he won in the first round against Sevilla, a competitor with whom he still has a face.

Second place will go to Atlético de Madrid with seven units. Colchoneros fell and drew against Real Madrid; With Seville, every team won a match and beat Barcelona in their only duel this season.

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Barcelona and Seville will be the least beneficiaries, with four points each. In the case of the Catalans, they only added against Seville, with a win and a draw, while the duo fell against Real Madrid and their match with Atletico Madrid.

On the other hand, the Spanish team won three points from Atletico Madrid and one point from Barcelona, ​​but the match against Real Madrid is still pending.

After Barcelona’s impending duel against Granada, there will be five rounds left to play in the League, which is currently dominated by Atletico Madrid, the team that has three chasers in the fight for the championship.

Public table with duels among the top four in LaLiga

Real Madrid – 13 points

Atletico Madrid – 7 points

Barcelona – 4 points

Seville – 4 points