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Rapper 6ix9ine crosses paths with fans in Mexico vs. Puerto Rico

Rapper 6ix9ine crosses paths with fans in Mexico vs. Puerto Rico

he Rapper 6ix9ineof a Mexican mother, was Taken from LoanDepot Park in Miami Because it threatens the integrity of some of the participants in the game between Mexico and Puerto Rico within the classical world (Tricolor victory 5-4).

What did 6ix9ine do in the classic world?

According to various videos that have been released on social media, the singer aka tekashi 69 He looked uncomfortable while displaying a Mexican flag in front of some of the followers who had been scolding him before.

The same thing is observed How he threw himself on the fence separating the stands and the fieldbarely holding the net preventing any of the fans from making contact with the balls coming out at high speed.

Seeing such a situation, Property security must have intervened to remove itBecause his discussions with fans of the island actor were more and more popular. His comrades tried to control himbut there was no opportunity to do so.

With Big Papi the story was different

In the same building, 6ix9ine met David Ortiz, a famous baseball player known as Big Papi and One of MLB’s greatest legends.

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