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Qualcomm announced its agreement with Apple to supply iPhone chips until 2026

Qualcomm announced its agreement with Apple to supply iPhone chips until 2026

Qualcomm, the largest supplier of mobile phone chips, said on Monday that it will supply modem chips to giant Apple for the launch of its iPhone models through 2026.

“Qualcomm Technologies has signed an agreement with Apple Inc. to supply Snapdragon 5G Modem-RF systems for smartphones that will be launched in 2024, 2025 and 2026. This agreement reinforces Qualcomm’s track record of continued leadership in 5G technologies and products.” The company said in a statement.

Qualcomm currently supplies Apple with iPhones, but Apple is building its own modems to move away from the company’s chips.

Meanwhile, experts consider this change as a signal that Apple’s efforts to manufacture it internally have not yet borne fruit.

Qualcomm and Apple have not always had a good relationship, as they have faced legal issues over chip supply, with Apple claiming that Qualcomm required it to pay excessive patent fees to purchase chips.

The two companies settled their differences in 2019 and reached a patent licensing agreement and long-term supply agreement.

After the 2019 deal, Qualcomm assumed that it would provide only 20% of the modems in Apple smartphones that will be launched this year, while Apple works to replace them.

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With the new agreement reached on Monday, according to The Wall Street JournalQualcomm is expected to own only 20% of Apple’s modem chipsets until 2026.

According to the specialized press, Apple is likely to announce its new iPhone tomorrow, at its annual event, which will likely be called the iPhone 15, and that they will use Qualcomm modems.

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