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PRM expulsará a miembros que cometan actos de corrupción

PRM will expel members who commit acts of corruption

The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) will suspend and fire public officials of that organization who violate laws or are convicted of corruption in their office.

The decision came in a decision approved last night by the Executive Directorate of that political organization, at an ordinary meeting chaired by President Luis Abenader at the National House located on César Nicholas Benson Street, near Maximo Gómez Street.

A commission made up of Eddie Olivares, Milagros Ortiz Bosch, Elizabeth Mathieu and Victor de Aza has also been appointed to be responsible for monitoring and studying the cases of officials committing irregularities in the management of state resources.

The information was published by the head of the PRM, José Ignacio Baleza, who said that this measure is intended to support President Abenader, in order to make the management of public resources transparent.

Deferred evangelization The ruling party’s Executive Directorate also approved another decision to defer evangelization in internal aspirations, thus focusing all the energies of the government on strengthening the country.

“In the same way, we have agreed to a resolution whereby colleagues who may be interested in promoting internal evangelization activities with a view to the 2024 elections are asked to wait and halt those efforts, until they have entered the deadlines established by statute and law,” Palizza said.

The Prime Minister, who is also an administrative minister of the Presidency of the Republic, warned that any party member who intends to submit candidatures, must also stop performing the tasks that he is performing.

At the meeting attended by former President Hipolito Mejia, Vice President Raquel Peña; The Secretary-General, Carolina Mejia, the Secretary-General of the organization, Delane Ascension, and other senior leaders have learned of the report presented by President Abenader on the national situation.

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Electoral councils
Paliza reported that the PRM Executive Directorate will request a review of all municipal council secretariats in the country.

“We learned of the reports of the CHP Election Secretariat, about the process of restructuring the municipal councils, which is taking place throughout the national territory. They confirmed the accuracy that within the framework of the party and new election laws that provide for the review of the municipal council secretariats once the electoral processes are completed, we will ask for everyone’s review “.

general advice
Similarly, Palisa announced that on the last weekend of this month, on the 26th, 27th and 28th, the PRM will hold its first citizen consultation throughout the national territory, with meetings taking place in various municipalities.

These meetings aim to raise the information that citizens expect and to include the citizen’s vision within partisan behavior.

Also stay in touch with the community to act as interlocutors between its aspirations and in the government programme.

The Perreme leader said these consultations will involve civil society, neighborhood associations, associations and clubs, among others, both to clarify what the government has done and to be carriers and suggest initiatives and efforts needed for their communities.

The ruling party leadership also received a report on the recent formation of the “Yvelisse Prats de Pérez” school for political training and cadres, and the content of the political and civic training agenda.

vice president.
At the PRM leadership meeting, Vice President Rak Peña participated as a guest.

Hippolyto and his daughter.
Also participating in the meeting were the former President of the Republic Hipolito Mejia and his daughter Carolina Mejia, who is the general secretary of the Prime Minister’s party.

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to share.
The fifty members who make up the executive directorate of the ruling party have been summoned to the meeting.