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Police break up a huge new party in Paris

Police break up a huge new party in Paris

Paris France.

The police intervened on Saturday night to disperse Hundreds of young people gathered at Eid An AFP journalist confirmed that for the second day in a row, he was in the Place de la Invalides in Paris.

The Police Directorate stated on Twitter that the security forces that intervened due to “lack of respect for health standards” were subjected to “projectiles being fired”.

According to photos that were spread on social media, a car surrounded a crowd of young people and was damaged.

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When it came into effect curfewAt 11 p.m., there were scattered small groups of young men in the area, as police trucks were scattered.

Violet, 16, told AFP that she and her friends went to a new “Project X” party (like the title of an American movie about a party that ends badly). According to her, there were more than 1,000 young people. “I came because last year was so good, it replaces festivals. But (…) the night was too short,” he said.

On Friday night, between 1,500 and 2,000 young people gathered in the huge Place des Invalides, after an advertisement on social media for a “Project X” party. The police intervened when ban It also received projectiles from the participants, according to a police source.

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