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Planning board orders halt to swimming pool construction on Rincon Beach

Planning board orders halt to swimming pool construction on Rincon Beach

the planning board He issued a stop-and-go order to build a recreation area in front of Solly Playa Buildings In Rincon, where protesters have gathered over the past few weeks to protest the development, realizing that it is located in the offshore wilderness area.

The order, dated yesterday, states that the Planning Board, under its Basic Law, “having learned of the May 17, 2021 inspection, and audit, found that Consolidated Building License No. 2020-344034-PCOC-010841, was awarded a super strong. You and/or your officers, agents, servants, employees, assigns or assigns are required to cease, cease and paralyze the business indefinitely.

The document is signed by the appointed Planning Council Chairman, Picture of Manuel Hidalgo Rivera, warns that any limb affected by discontinuation and discontinuation has 20 days to request reconsideration of the body. If the board refuses or fails to act on the reconsideration, the aggrieved party may go to court for review.

This Friday, meanwhile, Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, plans to hold an administrative hearing to address the challenge to the demarcation of the area at Los Almendros Beach, which, as approved, has allowed the construction of a retaining wall on the beach to protect the area in which the pool will be located in front of it. condominium.

The swimming pool in question was already destroyed in 2017 due to sea attack as a result Hurricane Maria.

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