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Pablo Aguilar recalled the threats made to his family to get rid of Pumas

Pablo Aguilar recalled the threats made to his family to get rid of Pumas

The exclusion he suffered blue cross In view of Pumas In the Guardians 2020 She left the cement players very noticeable, who to this day remember that they were rated “sold out” and even that Their families were threatened.

a few days ago, Carlos BatizThe director who created the documentary “Azul Oscoro”, pointed out that some players make him known This problem, without naming the names, though Pablo Aguilar seemed to confirm this copy, because he was one of those who suffered from it.

In response to a question about whether it affected them, it was pointed out They have received calls In order to scale back his performance at the Vuelta Semifinal against the college students, the defender realized this, and from there he moved on to Details of how they lived the days after the deletion.

Yes we hit a lot Because over the many years you know you’ve been doing things well, you’ve been building important things throughout your career and all of a sudden, You want to come and ruin your career, because in the end it’s not just anyone who says it, but there are many people who listen to them and eventually can believe it, and it hurts and hurts and pollutes a little what one was building,” he said. ESPN.

“So, playing more thoroughly, they say, Even my family received threatsI know that too Other colleagues’ families received threats And frankly these things, more so because this is football, it’s fun and everything that happens, let’s say, because of someone’s inventions, of course hurts a lot,” he added.

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Cruzazuleada was a turning point

The way Pumas fired them was a sign of the whole team and served in the squad to “bring the ranks to all that was talked about”, As Luis Romo said,, something shared by Aguilar, who remembered all they had to endure and helped them unite.

We swallow a lot of thingsIt’s hard to say, even for our people, but they tried to sell almost all of us, honestly Which helped us a lot moreAs they say, there is no harm that does not come, so these things have made us stronger, and made us more united than ever.”