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NY: Attorney General Warns of Scams Targeting Dominican Community |  AlMomento.net

NY: Attorney General Warns of Scams Targeting Dominican Community | AlMomento.net

Letitia James.

NEW YORK.- Attorney General Letitia James and Congressman Adriano Espaillet issued a consumer alert this Tuesday, warning New Yorkers of real estate scams targeting the Dominican community.

The announcement comes at a time when several fraud cases are being investigated that have victimized consumers across the city.

The warning was prompted by recent charges in the Dominican Republic against Emmanuel Rivera Ledesma, who defrauded nearly 150 people, including 24 New Yorkers, through his company InDisArq.

Victims were lured by fraudulent property offers that turned out to be non-existent or were sold to multiple buyers.

Rivera Ledesma targeted Dominicans living in the U.S. whose properties were either sold to multiple buyers and collected millions of dollars in deposits.

Take precautions

Attorney James, with the specific support of Congressman Adriano Espaillet, has urged residents to take precautions when making real estate investments, especially in properties outside the United States.

Recommendations from the Attorney General's Office include conducting extensive background checks, personally inspecting properties and consulting with legal experts before investing.

These efforts are a testament to Attorney James' commitment to protecting consumers and ensuring justice for victims of real estate fraud.

Victims of fraud or those who suspect fraudulent activity can contact the Attorney General's Office for Consumer Fraud to report their cases and receive assistance.

“As public servants, we work tirelessly to ensure that residents are not victims of scams and other fraudulent practices, and our offices took action when we were alerted to Rivera Ledesma's improper actions by his company, InDisArq,” Espaillet said.

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They accuse a Dominican in NY of embezzling more than US$100 million