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No long lines or early morning consumers at Black Friday sales

No long lines or early morning consumers at Black Friday sales

For the so-called Black Friday sale, consumers did not get up early.

The long lines of people who were looking forward at 4:00 am to buy some other items were not particularly noticed.

For example, Best Buy manager in Hato Rey Marielsa Colón noted that the line they had at dawn was about 300 people.

“Before, the waiting list was much longer. Now, people seem to, rightly so, splurge during the morning hours. But yeah, they’re buying.”

Large TVs are the most requested items by consumers. At Best Buy, there was a 70-inch Samsung brand for $547 and a 75-inch LG for $569.

However, the newly appointed DACO Secretary, Hiram Torres Montalvo, emphasized that in other companies, televisions were also the most requested by consumers.

“You have to see it (this sale) from the standpoint that we were in a pandemic period. In 2020 and 2021, this very active dynamic of selling early birds couldn’t have happened, so it was a different Friday. I see a lot of consumers on the street. And there is enthusiasm. They are out looking for specials. Perhaps to our surprise in the section the most searched ‘item’ was again TVs. Last year it was a ladder in a hardware store, because this year TVs are again the ‘item’ searching About Puerto Ricans.”

However, he agreed that sales were not what they were in previous years, when thousands of people waited in line to go early in the morning to do their shopping.

Torres Montalvo explained, “We’ve been on the street since 04:00 and if you see the enthusiasm, you can see the lines. But not that big queue, of the thousands of people we saw a few years ago. Obviously, this has changed a lot because establishments are no longer Offers specials only today, Friday, but availability all weekend. Obviously, the arrival of digital platforms for online purchase as well. One can order a TV and have it delivered to your door. It wasn’t available a few years ago. So it’s different.”

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He said the “amazing” hourly sales also meant consumers weren’t waking up in stores.

Regarding the method of payment, Torres Montalvo indicated that there are cash and credit card purchases.

“There’s a little bit of everything, because obviously the Christmas bonuses have already been handed out, and there’s a bonus for public servants, so there’s money in the street. Consumers are out to spend and buy and that’s good because the economy is moving and I’m supporting businesses here in Puerto Rico.”

Similarly, the Minister reported that only the Walgreens pharmacy in the San Patricio Plaza shopping center, in Guaynabo, was fined.

“It’s related to the labeling issue, instead. It’s not about the availability of products on the private paperwork for selling early birds today,” he noted.

He also commented that they received “dozens” of consumer complaints about the Internet and phone service. He said that DACO employees immediately communicated with the stores and were able to reach understandings in favor of the consumer without the need to issue complaints or fines.

In total, there were about 150 DACO employees who were active for these early bird sales.

On the other hand, it was around 10:00 in the morning first hour He noticed that the parking lots at Best Buy and the Plaza Las Americas shopping center were full and he had to turn around several times before he could find a place to leave the car. At 8:00 in the morning, the two stands appeared almost empty.

Consumers were pleased with the savings achieved and that stores were not crowded.

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Rodolfo Matos, from Guaynabo, was one of those satisfied customers. Show that his receipt indicates a $1,063 savings. He said he bought household items to furnish an apartment.

“This is the first time I’ve been here for Black Friday. I usually buy online. But this time, it looks really busy. I’d better buy online,” the man commented, “because I had to come in person.”

Glory Fernandez, for her part, got up at 5:30 in the morning to travel from Humacau to Hato-ri to buy a TV and other things. He says he’s seen “a movement,” but not like other early bird sales he’s been involved in.

“I saw the specials online and the TVs caught my eye. It was worth coming, because they had staff and directed me to the quality of the different brands. I’m so happy about that,” she said.

The woman explained that these discounts were favorable to the consumer, because the stores divided them by days or extended them over the weekend. He claimed that in the past he was one of those who were already standing in long lines at 3:00 in the morning.

“Now she is very good,” he said.