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News from Massa, Miley, Bullrich and more

News from Massa, Miley, Bullrich and more

The surprise scenario captured after the primaries in Argentina, called PASO in that country, where right-wing economist Javier Miley leads the two-thirds platform, began to rearrange itself after the first impact, according to polls analyzed by CNN and analysts consulted.

With the August election just over a month away, who is the favorite to win October’s general election? Who are the potential candidates for the runoff?

Before that, let’s review PASO’s numbers: La Libertad Avanza received 29.8% of the votes, followed by Together for Change with 28% – split between Patricia Bullrich (16.81%) and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta (11.19%), and finally the Union for the Fatherland. Sergio Massa (21.43%) and Juan Grabois (5.85%) received 27.3%, according to the final tally.

The photo from that day cannot necessarily be viewed in the future. First, because internal party elections have been held and there is no guarantee that those who voted for the losing candidate in one position will vote again within the same party.

According to a recent study by the Latin American Strategic Center for Geopolitics (CELAG), nearly 16% of voters do not know whether they will return their vote, and more than 2% are determined to change that vote.

But the rate of absenteeism was also record, and the historical trend is increased participation in general elections.

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