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New privacy and security features are coming to WhatsApp

New privacy and security features are coming to WhatsApp

(CNN Español) – before the year ends, The WhatsApp It will release two security and privacy updates for you, and another to save you from embarrassment.

This Tuesday, he owns the instant messaging app dead He announced that users would be able to listen to their voice messages before sending them, allowing them to re-record them if they contained errors. This feature will reach all WhatsApp users in the following days.

In addition, “in the coming weeks” you will be able to choose from more privacy options to control temporary messages on WhatsApp.

Occupation launched last year Under the premise that “it is not necessary to save all messages forever” messages are now allowed to be deleted 24 hours or 90 days after they were sent, as decided by the user. The seven-day option was already available, and the function that makes photos and videos disappear After seeing it once It was released in the summer.

The WhatsApp. View photos and videos at once.

Among the novelties, users will also be able to activate temporary messages by default and can be used in group chats.

However, keep in mind that not all temporary messages will disappear due to certain limitations. For example, when replying to a temporary message it can stay in the chat and the same thing happens if you forward a temporary message to a chat where messages are temporarily disabled.

Temporary messages can be enabled by default for all individual chats in Settings > Account > Privacy > Default Duration.

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In terms of security, the messaging app has nearly 2 billion users worldwide, according to statista numbers, is about to start a new security function related to the visible status of your last connection or not.

The new feature, first reported by WABetaInfo, it hides your online status from people who are not saved in your contacts or with whom you have not spoken before.

“We are excited to release this update that improves the privacy and security of our users, by making it more difficult for people you don’t know or with whom you haven’t chatted, to see your last contact or status on WhatsApp. This won’t change anything. Your friends, family or businesses you already know and are connected to,” a WhatsApp spokesperson told CNN.

According to WhatsApp, this update is currently in distribution so there is no specific date for its release.