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Network Python at Naranjito - NBC Puerto Rico

Network Python at Naranjito – NBC Puerto Rico

video reticulated snake Seen in Naranjito spread on social networks on Friday.

The director of the Natural Resources Unit for Wildlife, Angel Atenza told Telenoticias that the size of the snake in the video is half what it can grow. It eats large animals such as goats and dogs, which is why it is dangerous for pets.

Atenza said it is the largest and longest snake in the world, endemic to India and that there are many in Puerto Rico.

Natural Resources and Emergency Management personnel unite to catch them in different areas of the island.


Another video shows another snake on Thursday night near the Second Unit School Certenejas in Sidra.

According to the publication, the snake was shooting at cars that were passing in the area. With recent sightings, the citizens’ fear of a spice that can pose a danger to children has returned.

The island authorities monitor a large number of this huge snake in the cities of Bayamon, Naranjito, Comerio and Aguas Buenas. | The third part of “Invaders of Puerto Rico”, by Team T.

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