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NASA is preparing for a mission to study an asteroid known as the “God of Chaos” that will pass very close to Earth

NASA is preparing for a mission to study an asteroid known as the “God of Chaos” that will pass very close to Earth

The asteroid Apophis is approximately 340 meters in diameter and will pass near Earth on April 13, 2029. (National Geographic)

the a pot Moeen A A new task For the ship Osiris Rexrenamed as Osiris-ApexWith a goal Asteroid study Apophis During his recent visit to the earth Scheduled for April 2029. This celestial body, known as “God of Chaos”and approaches less than 32,000 kilometers from the Earth’s surface, A Shorter distance From some satellites that will be Closest meeting With an asteroid of the same size in Recorded history.

he Asteroid Apophisofficially known as 99942 Apophisis a rocky body that is part of Near-Earth asteroids (Nia). It was discovered in 2004, Apophis It attracted attention due to preliminary calculations that showed A High probability From colliding with the earth In 2029. However, subsequent studies, including observations and analyzes of it a pathThis risk was excluded for the aforementioned date.

Apophis It has a diameter of about 340 meters and will pass Close to the ground he April 13, 2029to one The distance is about 31,300 km, which is remarkably close in astronomical terms. This proximity will allow Astronomers study Asteroid in great detail. Although his move would not represent A.J A danger to our planet On that occasion, it will continue to submit to note To monitor the future Pathways and potential risks.

OSIRIS-APEX cameras will begin taking images of Apophis two weeks before the encounter. (NASA/Reuters)

However, the importance of the meeting lies in the fact that phenomena of this magnitude Roughly speaking Once every 7,500 years. he Next flight It will change a lot Asteroid orbit Like your duration dayand can also generate Earthquakes and landslides On its surface, he confirmed that a pot.

the OSIRIS-APEX MISSION You will notice the effects of Earth's gravity on the asteroid immediately after its close passage. “The approach is a Great natural experience“, he said in an interview with Fox News Danny Mendoza della Giustinaprincipal researcher at Osiris-Apex. The ship's cameras will begin taking images two weeks before the encounter and will continue to be studied. Apophis For the next eighteen months.

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However, unlike the previous mission Pino, Osiris-Apex You will not make physical contact with ApophisBut it will descend to within 5 meters of its surface and activate its thrusters to stir up rocks and dust, providing a look at what lies beneath the asteroid's surface. “OSIRIS-APEX will study Apophis Immediately after the aforementioned step, which will allow us to see how its surface changes when interacting with gravity the earth“, pointed out Amy Simonworld Mission project In a press release carried by the same medium.

NASA hopes the Apophis approach will reveal valuable information about orbital and surface changes. (Archives)

the a pot It has been mentioned on various occasions that there is Great optimism Before the potential discoveries that arise from this mission. “We have learned a lot in PinoBut now we're armed with more questions for us Next goalHe confirmed Simon. this Tracking will provide important data To understand better Processes Which could have played a role in Planetary formationfrom under the rubble Early solar system Until the Creating the planet complete.