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NASA captures Curiosity in a region of Mars similar to France

NASA captures Curiosity in a region of Mars similar to France

Madrid /

Hirise HD camera on board NASA’s MRO Orbiter on MarsCapture the Curiosity rover, ascending Mont Mercu, A wide rocky outcrop on a French hillside, and you won’t be able to believe what it looks like.

The Gale Crater, where these Mars terrain features are included, is about 150 kilometers wide and Mt Sharp’s height is over 5 kilometers in total. Here we tell you Why is it attracting so much attention from the US space agency.

The rover is about the size of a small car and is currently near and about 20 feet above a high cliff as it examined the exposed rocks.

The rover had previously penetrated rocks at the base of the cliff. Scientists are interested in comparing rocks from the bottom up to investigate how the changes relate to the appearance of the rocks exposed on the cliff, according to reports from the University of Arizona, which operates Hirise’s camera.

The image has a pixel scale of 26 cm, which indicates that most features a few pixels wide (just under 1 meter) can be resolved on the surface.


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