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Most young people in their 20s value both mental and physical health

Most young people in their 20s value both mental and physical health

Madrid, April 21. (Europe Press) –

69 percent of young people between the ages of 20 and 30 consider mental health as important as physical health, according to the report “ The Age of Balance: New Habits in Digital Wellbeing Management ” by consulting firm Good Rebels conducted on a sample of 900 people from This age group is in the UK, Mexico and Spain.

Specifically, this percentage rises to 72 percent in the case of Spain. The qualitative interviews revealed that for these respondents “being in good health means that there is a balance, a midpoint between commitments and leisure, between work and family, as well as time devoted to self and social contact.” For this reason, sleep and relaxation (64%) or social relationships (39%) are areas of particular importance.

Also, according to the survey, 72 percent of respondents have changed their habits due to the pandemic and are now dedicating more time to well-being than before. In contrast, in Spain, 77 percent said they dedicate time to their personal well-being at least once a week, and half of them say they do so daily.

Digital Resources for Public Welfare

On the other hand, one in three respondents paid for a digital health product or service and using digital resources to manage their well-being is widespread. In Spain, video is the most used format by 67% of young people, followed by social networks (40%) and apps (35%).

For 60 percent of young people in their twenties, these digital resources are essential to exercising, staying active, and managing their social relationships (45 percent) or mental well-being (42 percent).

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In turn, “online” searches, social networks, digital ads and word of mouth are the main channels for accessing this type of service. But, in addition to this, it is imperative to generate credibility and the information sources that they consider the most reliable are specialist web pages and medicine / health, followed by profiles of professionals in social networks and applications.

“Our research has allowed us to analyze the impact of COVID-19 on the well-being of this age group and also how the industry has been affected by the changes that have occurred in the past year,” says partner and Director of Data Tech at The Good Rebels, Mar Castano.

“ The results show that the pandemic has accelerated the current trend, but the best that the brand can offer to the consumer in their twenties is a service or product that affects, motivates and connects them with a holistic approach to self-care; of course, this experience has not been temporarily carried over to The internet, because its future is truly digital, ”