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More than two thousand places for women in science

More than two thousand places for women in science

Thanks to the More Scientists initiative, 39 universities offer 2,358 vacancies in 410 study programmes.

registration Women in STEM professions It is much less than men, With a negative gender gap of about 60%, According to the Higher Education Gender Gaps in Higher Education Report issued by the Higher Education Information Service (if it was) in 2022.

Because of this the initiative was born More women scientistswhich is in In the first year, 39 Access universities joined the system, with 2,358 vacancies in 410 study programmes.

“You want Invite all women who have taken PAES to Minister of Women and Gender Equality, Antonia Orellana, said that these initiatives take into account the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“Today, these professions witness a very low presence of women. In order for us to have a just nation that achieves development, it is necessary for women to be able to fully develop in all areas of society, and therefore the initiative of more scholars is a consistent path so that we can achieve development and have more Women in those fields, the authority said.

To access more scientist vacancies, there is no need to submit an additional application, as women with the highest weighted scores who were initially on the waiting list for the career assigned to the program will be automatically selected.

Vacancies offered by universities

  • The Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso has 118 places.
  • Adolfo Ibáñez University has 52 places.
  • Adventist University of Chile has 10 places.
  • Alberto Hurtado University has two places.
  • Andres Bello University has 220 places.
  • Arturo Prat University has 23 places.
  • The University of Austral de Chile has 50 places.
  • The Autonomous University of Chile has 106 places.
  • Bernardo O'Higgins University has 29 places.
  • Catholic University Cardinal Silva Henriquez has 38 places.
  • Universidad de la Santísima Concepción has 77 places.
  • The Catholic University of Temuco has 22 places.
  • Universidad Católica del Maule has 8 places.
  • Universidad Católica del Norte has 83 places.
  • The Central University of Chile has 51 places.
  • The University of Antofagasta has 65 places.
  • Atacama University has 24 places.
  • University of Essen has 8 places.
  • The University of Chile has 103 places.
  • The University of La Frontera has 28 places.
  • La Serena University has 13 places.
  • University of Las Americas has 26 places.
  • Magallanes University has 24 places.
  • O'Higgins University has 60 places.
  • The University of Playa Ancha has 28 places.
  • The University of Santiago de Chile has 185 places.
  • The University of Talca has 30 places.
  • University of Tarapaca has 72 places.
  • Valparaiso University has 27 places.
  • Universidad del BioBío has 185 places.
  • Universidad del Desarrollo has 40 places.
  • Diego Portales University has 35 places.
  • Venice Terra University has 10 places.
  • Gabriela Mistral University has 11 places.
  • Mayor University has 24 places.
  • The University of Santo Tomas has 30 places.
  • Federico Santa Maria Technical University has 227 places.
  • Metropolitan Technological University has 155 places.
  • The University of Los Lagos has 59 places.
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Dates for the admission process in higher education 2024:

  • January 2 to 5: Application stage.
  • January 16: Results of the selection process.
  • January 17 to 19: First registration period.
  • 20 to 26: Second registration period.