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Mike Pence may have ruined the chances for 2024

Mike Pence may have ruined the chances for 2024

(CNN) – At a campaign stop Thursday night in New Hampshire, former vice president Mike Pence Supported his actions on January 6th Moreover, in the process, he may have destroyed (or at least blocked) his chances of becoming the Republican presidential candidate in 2024.“January 6 is a dark day in our capital history”, Pence said. “On the same day we reconvened Congress, we did our duty. You know that President Trump and I have spoken many times since we took office, and I don’t know if we will ever agree on that day.”

Benz is, of course, perfect. The violent uprising in the U.S. capital, where more than 100 police officers were injured and five were killed, is a catastrophe similar to that of American democracy.

Pence, who was vice president that day, had no role other than a ritual: overseeing the formal certification of the electoral vote that gave Joe Biden victory in the 2020 election.

However, none of those facts will protect him from the wrath of Donald Trump and the platform led by the former president.

In recent weeks, Trump The madness of conspiracy theories has descended more and more After reviewing and auditing a portion of the vote in Arizona and Georgia, he suggested he would be president soon.

Further, According to Maggie Heberman of The New York Times, “Pence raised the tone with various individuals and Republican National Committee (RNC) donors not to violate their legal authority that day after the announcement of the Pence Book Agreement.” (Pence signed Two Book Millionaire Agreement In April).

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What Trump did was to acknowledge the fact of what happened on January 6 and to turn his role in it into a kind of test of faith for ambitious Republicans. If you tell the truth about that day, you run the risk of becoming the next one Liz Cheney, Was ousted from his Republican leadership. If you lie about that day, or try to underestimate the real risk of rioting for legislators, you will hold your position, In the style of Kevin McCarthy.

Benz seems to be aiming for himself in the first place. This is a very interesting tactic and to date, there is zero evidence that the Republicans who broke with Trump on January 6 have any political future within the party.

After all, the Republican base, or at least the majority, firmly believes that Trump’s lies about the election are true.

Take a look at the latest statistics Reuters / Ipsos National Poll:

  • Fifty-three percent of Republicans who voted said Donald Trump was the “real” president and 47 percent said Joe Biden would be the real president.
  • Another 56% of Republicans say the 2020 election results are “the result of illegal voting or electoral fraud.”
  • More than 6 in 10 Republicans agree “most” (39%) or “partially” (22%) of the 2020 election with the claim that it was “stolen from Donald Trump.”

Crossroads voters have an open opinion on the choice of the presidential candidate. At least to this day, grassroots Republican voters believe that Trump’s election was taken from him. And Trump, an accomplice of several Republican leaders in Congress, is trying to rewrite what happened on January 6th.

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Benz did not read that script. It is, in its own way, admirable. But if the GOP’s views on Trump do not change drastically by 2024 (always possible!), Pence’s position on Jan. 6 may overturn the opinion of Republican primary voters.

What a world.