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Miami Mega Project That Will Change the Skyline Forever With a Flagship Bridge

Miami Mega Project That Will Change the Skyline Forever With a Flagship Bridge

A look at the impactful I-395/SR836/I-95 design and construction project that promises to improve mobility and transform Miami's landscape. Credit: I-395 Miami Webmaster

in the heart Miami, an ambitious plan to transform the urban landscape and the way residents get around. He I-395/SR 836/I-95 Design-Build PlanA joint effort Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) And this Greater Miami Expressway Authority (GMX)It seeks to improve mobility, safety and connectivity along three busy corridors in Los Angeles County. Miami-Dade: State Road 836 (Known as Dolphin Expressway) I-95 And I-395 (Interstate Highways).

with a Investment of more than 800 million USD, the project includes several important improvements. On Florida State Highway 836, a double-decker section will be constructed east of the toll plaza. NW 17th Avenue, rises above the center of the freeway and descends on I-395 just east of the interchange with I-95. This new double deck section will provide direct connectivity to the drivers MacArthur CausewayFree from local incoming and outgoing traffic.

The bridge will be rebuilt, reshaping Miami's skyline and the city's major highways (Images: Render i395-miami.com)

Meanwhile, the existing state Highway 836 road will serve as a distribution system allowing drivers to enter and exit local streets and I-95. The system will reduce dangerous weaving movements, improve safety and traffic flow. Additionally, the existing ramp from eastbound SR 836 to I-95 north will be widened to include an additional lane, reducing the congestion drivers currently experience.

But perhaps the most impressive element of the project Signature bridge (Flagship Bridge), an iconic bridge, is 312 meters long Biscayne Boulevard And Northeast 2nd Avenue. Six arches will rise 100 meters into the air, destined to redefine Miami's skyline. Its architectural design, selected through a competition, was inspired by the city's status as the center of America. The arches symbolize the confluence where all natives live in harmony.

A double deck span will be constructed on SR 836 for a direct connection to the MacArthur Causeway.

This bridge is a feat of engineering. Its roadway is supported by twin cast-in-place concrete box girders that suspend cables from each arch. The structure emanates from a large central pier that not only supports the weight of the arches and suspended deck, but also houses the bridge's electrical and structural health monitoring system. It is estimated that the foundation of this central pier will use approximately 3,822 cubic meters of concrete and 771 million kilograms of steel reinforcement.

The bridge road will be supported by cast-in-place concrete structures and retaining cables.

But the Signature Bridge is more than just an architectural landmark. Under its majestic structure, over 30 acres will be transformed into public and community spaces. He Traditional routeA continuous path from NW 3rd Ave To Biscayne Boulevard, Overtown will connect the neighborhoods of Downtown Miami, Omni and Edgewater. This pedestrian and bicycle walkway will include social activity areas, transforming the space beneath the bridge into a vibrant meeting place. Additionally, a pedestrian bridge will be added over the railway tracks Brightline For more security.

The project includes major improvements to I-95, such as pavement reconstruction and the addition of a secondary lane.

Improvements aren't limited to SR 836 and the Signature Bridge. On I-95, the project includes complete reconstruction of the concrete pavement NW 8th Street And NW 29th Street, in north and south directions. A secondary lane will be added along I-95 North from NW 17th Street north to NW 29th Street to accommodate additional traffic from the expanded ramp from SR 836 East to I-95 North. Additionally, a new connector ramp will be constructed from I-95 south to SR 836 west to improve flow and reduce weaving movements.

The Signature Bridge will have anti-flooding measures such as backflow prevention valves and pumps

For I-395, the project spans approximately 2.25 km from the SR 836/I-95/I-395 interchange (known as the Midtown Interchange) to the MacArthur Causeway. The existing facility will be completely renovated. A total of three lanes in each direction and separate connector ramps for traffic to and from I-95. The existing I-395 exit ramp goes east NE 2nd Ave Moving westward North Miami AvenueWhile entering the west entrance NE 1st Ave They will move west of North Miami Avenue. Besides, NW 2nd Ave It will reconnect under I-395, providing better access for residents.

The I-395/SR 836/I-95 design-build project seeks to improve mobility and safety in Miami.

Despite the promised benefits, the program is not without challenges and criticism. Originally scheduled for completion in 2024, it is now estimated to be completed in late 2027. Supply chain issues, weather, events and utility relocation affected the schedule. “Like most sectors, supply chain issues had a major impact on the schedule along with other factors such as weather, holidays, events, utility tax transfers, etc., so “this had an impact and was one of the main reasons for the delay until 2027. FDOT Community Relations Specialist Oscar Gonzalez explains.

The Signature Bridge will be an iconic bridge that will define the Miami skyline with its magnificent arches.
A program that promises to reconnect and rejuvenate

said Mark Merwitzer, public policy manager for the Transit Alliance NBC6 Miami in 2023 Concerns about additional traffic and the impact of construction on the flood prone area. “Since the area has continued to flood and dig for the Signature Bridge, it has gotten worse.”, he pointed out. However, FDOT project managers explain that the new construction will include backflow prevention valves and a series of pumps and injection wells to handle heavy rainfall and seasonal king tides.

The bridge will reshape Miami's skyline and rebuild the city's major highways. (provide i395-miami.com)
The bridge will reshape Miami's skyline and rebuild the city's major highways. (provide i395-miami.com)

Estimated to cost approximately $840 million from a combination of federal and state funds, the I-395/SR 836/I-95 design-build project aims to improve community, safety, mobility and sustainability. Beyond concrete and steel, it seeks to reconnect neighborhoods and create gathering spaces that reflect Miami's multicultural spirit.

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In the coming years, the city's skyline will have a new icon, and residents will enjoy renewed road infrastructure. Only time will tell if this ambitious plan can live up to its promises in an ever-evolving metropolis like the Magic City.

Public spaces for the community will be created under the bridge.
Beyond facilitating transit, it seeks to reconnect neighborhoods with public spaces and safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists.
The investment will exceed 800 million dollars