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Meditation allows you to gain the ability to balance yourself and train mental calmness.

Meditation allows you to gain the ability to balance yourself and train mental calmness.

How many times have we considered that we can’t go onrhythm of life which we hold, and are not compensated for such great demand, that we are not satisfied with what we do. And at the same time, how often do we look for this answer in the environment: “When I change my job, my life will improve,” “When I have a home, I can calm down,” “If I travel more, I will be happier,” “If I had more The time I would have stayed more with friends An endless cycle of dissatisfaction causes us more suffering.

research the answers In the environment is not to our liking. And this is because we really need each other to find them. We cannot exclude ourselves from equation.

And where do we really find luxury? How do we get it? Consider that happiness Or the well-being outside, in the environment, in the situations that happen to us, in others, and that we have to go out to look for it, to achieve it, to have more to be better, to fight for it, mistakes that so commonly appear day by day. It leaves our greatest treasure: getting a full life, In the hands of chance, karma, and circumstances. And if we do this, then automatic response patterns Before that happens, they will most likely be wrong and give us more sufferingTo be precise and they bring us those wanting peace of mind.

Therefore, it is necessary to know that we need each other. We need to communication Be honest with yourself. A contact that allows you to understand yourself and know your information Need And it will enable you to attend the truly satisfying direction. This will be the beacon that will illuminate your search.

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What brings happiness?

the happiness It is a state of well-being that is perceived, felt and nurtured. This calmness that flows from the state of internal organization that allows you to reach Serenity It is enough to balance your day. So, who Noise from the outside, from the multiple stimuli, from the speed of a Automatic thinkingThrough reaction, we will not be able to find ourselves truly full.

and the contemplation How can you help me with this? Meditation is the training with which you can reach greater Self-knowledge. It allows you to gain the ability to regulate yourself, to balance yourself and yourself. You will be able to train your peace of mind to achieve more Clarityto plant greater virtue in your mind and to acquire greater wisdom to accept every condition and be able to obtain the optimum outcome from it.

Meditation will actually allow you to feel better. Naturally, it will cost you a little bit to get started with training usuallyLet the mind settle into its natural state, don’t jump around reacting to inner silence but see it as your wonderful safe haven.

If you are up for it Andtrain your mind, I invite you to learn meditation. It is not necessary to be in the “lotus flower” position, your training can also accompany you every day, energetically and practically. In every moment, in every activity, it’s amazing an opportunity to train you.

You can see more benefits of meditation and how to train your mind to change your life in my book “The Healing Power of Silence”, Where I share a training program and useful tools so that you can put it into practice and I accompany you to develop greater well-being and learn about meditation as a tool for personal self-knowledge that helps Mind training For a full and meaningful life.

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Also, each week, I will be sharing with you ABC Well-being guided meditation, psychology reflection, and mental training where we can continue to share the path to greater self-knowledge and inner development. And you can also find out more about my work on her Instagram: @tweet.

We meet! Happy walking!