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Margarita Cedeno gives her opinion on the David Ortiz case

The former Vice President of the Republic was attributed this Sunday to “mechanism” The government to divert attention from the Supérate card fraud, the new version that comes in light of the attack on the former Major League player, David OrtizWhich was published by the newspaper Boston Globe.

And the topic expands on the candidate to run for the presidency of the opposition Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) And the country’s former first lady, stressed that the authorities want Remove the scandal of 400 million Supérates stolen from ‘Progress with Solidarity’ families.

Cedeño was questioned about respecting the press.

“Set the agenda, prepare the agenda, because already a case David Ortiz He added in response to a question if he believed that “the government is changing the course of the news.”

According to one of the newspapers Boston GlobeAccording to a private investigation that Ortiz himself ordered, the attempt on his life was ordered by prisoner Cesar Emilio Peralta (Cesar the aggressor) for alleged “disrespect” he could have caused.

He also notes that the former baseball player, recently elected to the Cooperstown Hall of Fame, supposedly received a call from the then Attorney General of the Republic, Jean-Alan Rodriguez, asking him to confirm the official version that the attack he suffered was the product of the person’s confusion.

Ortiz was in a Venezuela Street entertainment center, famous for its bars and nightclubs, when he was hit by a bullet that nearly killed him and had to undergo two surgeries. The bullet hit the colon, gallbladder, and intestines.

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The attack was recorded at the Dial Bar, in Santo Domingo Este, on June 9, 2019.

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