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Machine crash in La Ceiba!  Vida moves away from unbeaten Real Spain with a goal from Angel Tejeda - Diez

Machine crash in La Ceiba! Vida moves away from unbeaten Real Spain with a goal from Angel Tejeda – Diez

In a very entertaining game, the life get over Real Spain With the minimum (1-0) to complete the seventh day of the inaugural championship 2021, and thus Oringo suffers from its first defeat.

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Angel TejedaThe striker, who gave the machine the last title in 2017, dressed up as the Reds champion and awarded him the three points with a goal in the 26th minute of the first half.

It all started with a game Luis Palma, who pulled to the left made a three-finger pass with his right hand so that tjida Arrive on time and beat the target Perelló. Thus the former ordinance was drawn up in the municipality of Ceibeño.

tjida It reached four points and is equal in quantity to Ramiro Roca, who had a night to forget, and Jerry Bengtsson, from RAM OlympiadWhich he scored last Wednesday in front of Platency.

With this result, the life It rises to the third position of the table by 13 units and moves to Real Spain To 5th place (11) already marathon To IV (12), earlier Beat Real Sociedad in Yankel.

Eyes were on La Ceiba, as the two teams still undefeated were facing each other. The locals started to take over before a Real Spain It remains unstable and rarely compresses.

In addition, “Potro” had to make his first change to 33 when Jason Mejia He had to leave the match due to a muscle problem and came in instead Darkson’s Return.

The little striker wanted it and in his first intervention he put his left foot that was looking for the corner, but “Bebo” Lopez He flew to avoid the fall of his bow. On the other hand, Luis Palma He made several internal diameters and fired, but his shots were always off target or on a body Perelló, except for one that hit the crossbar in the sequel.

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Take out “Potro” Carlos Mejia I entered Carlos Bernardez, who also got a tie at 65. The striker took a header that stopped Lopez In the counter-auction via Juan Pablo Montes to get it out.

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It was a quiet match for Armando Castro, who did not show the cards, as there was no shortage of danger that would justify the punishment. The center back added five minutes when he reached 90. life He was smart and started touching the ball while Real Spain See how the undefeated escape from him.

The next commitment to the teaching team will be before that motagua September 9 and life Will visit Puerto Cortes to face Platency From “Primi” Maradiaga the next day.

data sheet

life: Roberto Lopez, Carlos Argueta, Brian Barrios, Juan Pablo Montes, Carlos Sanchez; Sergio Peña, Roger Sander, Alexander Aguilar, Ederson Venez; Ángel Tejeda and Luis Palma.

Real Spain: Michael Perillo Carlos Mejia, Kevin Alvarez, Junior Garcia, Franklin Flores; Ilce Barahona, Devron García, Jhow Benavídez, Yeison Mejía; Omar Rosas and Ramiro Roca.

the changes

life: Chavesco entered for Alexandre Aguilar, Alvarenga for Ederson Venez, and Edson Palacios for Carlos Argueta.

Real Spain: Darrickson Vuelta entered for Jason Mejia, Yesh Martinez for Els Barahona, Carlos Bernardez for Carlos Mejia and Michael Garcia for Ramiro Roca.

There were no cards