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Carlos Acevedo, was beaten after not being in the national team squad

Carlos Acevedo, was beaten after not being in the national team squad

Mexico /

Charles Acevedo It was one of the biggest absences in mexican national team roster who threw Gerardo Martino to FIFA dateA situation that struck the spirit of the Santista goalkeeper, who admitted that he will continue to fight to be in the final list.

Of course (hit me) we are human. there Sometimes people don’t see that sideWe’re humans, I gotta be honest with you, but there’s my family and my team, and this It motivates me to keep working I go on with the gist, obviously not engaging my arm and keep going.”

Acevedofrom against America He played a great match, and he emphasized that throughout his career he struggled to the end to achieve his goals.

There is no injustice. I’m going to work, it’s not the final list yet. There is a phrase I love, “Hope dies to the end.”

About his performance in Aztec Against the Eagles in a 3-3 drawHe mentioned that playing this way would help him fight to the end for a position in the Qatar 2022.

I think we played a great match together todayPersonally, there are good things, things to be improved of course, and I will continue to the end Already workingIt is no longer there.”

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