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Lincoln Road, Miami Beach’s open-air mall, is opening new business

Lincoln Road, Miami Beach’s open-air mall, is opening new business

Lincoln Road, the famous open-air mall in Miami Beach, South Florida, is scheduled to open five new businesses, with prestigious brands, at the end of next October, according to several reports. Media From the press.

Among the new locations are four shops and a restaurant, which will add to the 200 shopping, art and dining options offered by Lincoln Road. The mall is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, who are part of the eight million visitors this area receives each year.

Terranova Corp., one of the companies that owns several properties in the mall, including the Cheesecake Factory restaurant that opened in May of this year, was very satisfied with the branding of these new businesses.

Terranova President Stephen Bittle noted that these will be the new stores. One of them will be HOKA, a global sports shoe brand, which will be located next to the Nike and Adidas stores on Lincoln Road.

More businesses at Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach

The brand also opened Luli Fama, a local store in South Florida known for its stylish women’s swimwear. IT’SUGAR will be a sweets and confectionery store that promises you an “amazing experience” due to the variety of its products.

Likewise, Turkish Delight, a store specializing in typical Turkish sweets and desserts, which will open its first location in the United States, will open there in Miami Beach. Finally, IT Italian Trattoria will be the only restaurant among the new establishments that will have an open kitchen where you can taste dishes made with Italian ingredients.

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Holly Cohen, a Miami planning consultant, insisted that Lincoln Road needs greater coordination between its various owners so all the businesses can grow.

The challenge for Lincoln Road has always been that there are so many different building owners. It’s not like a traditional mall with a single owner like Simon Property Group. Occasionally, attempts have been made to get shareholders and owners to meet and talk about how to improve the area as a whole. But there are those who do not want that.”