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Legislator: Science and Technology Act Initiative Has Serious Shortcomings

Legislator: Science and Technology Act Initiative Has Serious Shortcomings

Federal legislator Miguel Angel Torres has warned the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACET) that the presidential initiative he is promoting to create the Humanities, Technologies, and Innovation Act (HCTI Act) has serious flaws that will only be resolved by listing all the votes and analyzing the five proposals presented at the conference. the Union.

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This came during his presence on behalf of the parliamentary group of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (GPPRD), and for the first time the meeting of the Political Coordination Council (Jocobo) of the Chamber of Deputies, which before it next Wednesday, it appears that the Director General of Conacyt, María Elena Alvarez-Buella Roces, is talking about an initiative HCTI Act.

The People’s Representative of Zacatecas said that Sol Azteca is in favor of promoting progress in the sci-tech sector, for which the regulatory framework must be reformed. However, he considered it necessary to discuss the new legislation in a broad, deep and inclusive manner in an open parliament, where the union participates and the views of all members of the National Science, Technology and Innovation System are heard. .

Before the Director General, he noted that there are five proposed laws on CTI (two in the House of Representatives, three in the Senate of the Republic), and he regretted that Concet only promotes the law of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, moreover, he did not include the votes against the 2000 Researcher, where they can enrich the initiative.

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The member of the Democratic Revolution Party added that the presidential proposal, which López Obrador sent to the Chamber of Deputies last December, had serious defects, among which he referred to deficiencies in the feasibility of the budget; From legislative coordination, support scholars.

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Elaborating on each aspect, he added that the HCTI Act is isolated from the national legal framework, despite the fact that it affects 10 laws, which is why he demanded accuracy in its content “so as not to result in contradictions, duplicate principles, or repeals of laws that blur the principle to be applied.” .

With regard to the validity of the budget, he added that the new law proposed by the government of the Republic does not have a specific resource, and cancels the right of researchers to obtain grants and funding, although the current legislation considers allocating no less than 1 percent of financial resources. The sector’s GDP is only 0.4%.

Torres Rosales also stressed the need for CONASSET to increase private investment in science, technology and innovation and to find a way to guarantee investors that their inventions and creations “will not be nationalized in a short time.”

In the end, he expressed to the federal official the PRD faction’s willingness to promote a new national law on science, technology and innovation, as long as “a proposal is presented that respects academic freedom, the federal pact, that has the commitment to a stable budget for research and that promotes the modernization of Mexico.”