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LeBron James asks for his crown

LeBron James asks for his crown

LeBron James is like a fine wine, with each passing year it gets better. At almost 39 years old (he turns 30 on December 30), 'King' James has once again proven that he lives up to the expectations of the best league in the world. In the victory over the Thunder The player from Ohio State managed to achieve another record in his already extensive career in the NBA courts, He became the oldest player to score 40 points in a game. Bronn's magic is not a matter of age, and in a season where there are more doubts than certainties, that will be key once again.

Los Angeles has positioned itself around the world as the land of the stars. A place where anything is possible if you believe and act, at least in advance. LeBron's motto has been based on hard work, managed to dispel all doubts about forced retirement by age, which ultimately no. In a game that many have signed up to play, for LeBron it was just another display of physical and mental toughness. “The King” was on the verge of achieving a historic hat-trick (40 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists). But achieving 100% effectiveness in triples In vertigo shock.

Lakers against themselves

The Lakers have navigated turbulent waters at the start of the season. The quality of the team was unable to respond to a schedule that featured two goals: qualifying directly for the playoffs and winning the season championship. Although winning the Cup during the season was a coronation for Los Angeles, the doubts surrounding their stadium did not stop growing and growing. It has bitten the dust in five of the seven games played since the Final Four in Las Vegas.

Anthony Davies has been able to take responsibility for the team when it was needed most, in those games where “King” fatigue was noticeable. On a holiday marked by the color red by every fan, The Lakers face a Christmas and New Year's conspiracy, and looks forward to regaining the sensations at the end of the year. The Celtics of Tatum and company will be the big test for Angelenos, an all-to-nothing to assess their true level and hopes in the ring.

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