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Learn about the Venezuelan debit card you can use to pay abroad

Learn about the Venezuelan debit card you can use to pay abroad

Money can be withdrawn from an ATM or paid at a store or location outside Venezuela using the Bancamiga debit card. With this financial instrument, Bancamiga clients have instant access to the funds in their cash or foreign currency accounts (Euros and dollars).

by Diary 2001

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bancamiga, Carmelo De Grazia, expressed that the process of obtaining the card is very simple, and it “offers many advantages both inside and outside the country.”

“Thanks to this tool, the customer has the possibility to pay from his account in foreign currency in Venezuela and abroad,” he said.

How does the Bancamiga debit card work?

With the Bancamiga Debit Card, people have the ability to make transactions anytime, anywhere, without restrictions or worries.

Bancamiga CEO, Ariel Martinez, expressed that the card with contactless technology makes it possible to democratize financial services and make them available to all economic levels.

“For all our customers, it has been a real evolution of payments. With our Bancamiga debit card, you can simplify your financial transactions by eliminating the need to carry cash and have a secure and innovative payment experience.

Since it has contactless technology, the Bancamiga debit card allows you to pay by simply bringing it closer to Bancamiga points of sale or those with NFC (near field communication) technology. Payment is processed electronically without any contact.

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