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Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo smashed a hotel in Miami

Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo smashed a hotel in Miami

Matt McLaren night in Grand Prix in MiamiFifth date of 2022 Formula 1 season the first event of its kind in Florida; However, its pilots, Lando Norris s Daniel RicciardoThey showed up at a big party they threw at their hotel.

And the pilots themselves, during an interview with DailyStar.co.uk, accepted, jokingly and even rudely, that they had a meeting in which they ruined the place.

“We got kicked out of the pool. We were hooligan in the pool and everyone got kicked out, not just me.

“So we went up to the rooms and had a good party. And that was it, so I apologize if we bothered people upstairs or downstairs, but it was really fun.” Norris.

s Ricardo Before he says “I not only destroyed the room, I destroyed the entire floor”.

during filming Max class Two weeks ago, Lando retired on lap 39, after colliding with the French driver from AlphaTauriAnd Pierre Gasly.

The Australian He finished thirteenth, out of points, but with a teammate, they literally broke him where they were staying.

How is McLaren going in the season?

It was the only podium in the British national team’s campaign in 2022 in Emilia-Romagna Grand Prixin which Norris finished third, behind him Max Verstappen s Sergio “Chico” Perezfrom Red Bull.

Landau It ranks seventh in Drivers ChampionshipWith 35 pointss Daniel at Elevenwith the same number of units.

Regarding Creators ChampionshipMcLaren is fourth with 46 points.